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By Philip Francis Nowlan

The unique greenback Rogers novella from 1928! Mining engineer Anthony Rogers is trapped by way of a mine cave in and falls right into a kingdom of suspended animation as a result of the presence of radioactive gases. He awakens approximately years later, to a usa that has been conquered by way of the chinese language. utilizing his 20th-century army wisdom, he is helping the down-trodden american citizens take again their state.

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I heard the tree crash down, then a groan. There was silence for a while. Then I heard a faint sound of boughs swishing. I shot three times in its direction, pressing the button as rapidly as I could. Branches crashed down where my shells had exploded, but there was no body. Now I saw one of them. He was starting one of those amazing leaps from the bough of one tree to another about forty feet away. I threw up my gun impulsively and fired. By now I had gotten the feel of the weapon, and my aim was good.

Wherever he pointed there was a terrible explosion, deeper in among the trees. It came to me then that he was shooting with some form of pistol, though there was neither flash nor detonation from the muzzle of the weapon itself. After firing several times, he seemed to come to a sudden resolution, and turning in my general direction, leaped-to my amazement sailing through the air between the sparsely scattered trees in such a jump as I had never in my life seen before. That leap must have carried him a full fifty feet, although at the height of his arc, he was not more than ten or twelve feet from the ground.

It was a great pity. I thought, that the clan had not been equipped throughout its membership with ultrophones, but Wilma explained to me that not enough of these had been built for distribution as yet, although general distribution had been contemplated within a couple of months. We traveled far before nightfall overtook us, trying only to put as much distance as possible between ourselves and the valley. When gathering dusk made jumping too dangerous, we sought a comfortable spot beneath the trees and consumed part of our emergency rations.

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