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By Judith Butler

The prestigious writer of Gender difficulty right here redefines Antigone's legacy, improving her progressive importance and freeing it for a revolutionary feminism and sexual politics. Antigone has lengthy been a feminist icon of defiance. yet what has remained doubtful is whether or not she escapes from the different types of energy that she opposes, because the type of defiance she exemplifies additionally results in her loss of life. Butler argues that Antigone represents a kind of feminist and sexual enterprise that's fraught with hazard. additionally, Antigone indicates how a tradition of normative heterosexuality obstructs our ability to determine what sexual freedom and political supplier might be.

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In order to resubjectify the mother, the term devouring mother should be understood as a nexus of multiple relations and subjectivities and not as a term with an absolute content.

Lacan's Oedipal scene recasts the individual sexual rivalry of Freud's Oedipal protagonists into the impersonal roles of "givers and receivers" in a kinship structure.  Hence the symbolic family structures identity, according to Lacan, not actual family relations, which are in the order of the Imaginary, the realm of the illusion of correspondence.  The little girl, since she has no penis, simply rejects castration (in Lacan, the Imaginary register, a belief in correspondence) and thus can enter the Symbolic order, where it is understood that the penis as the Imaginary phallus does not equal the Law of the Symbolic father.

In fact, it is only by choosing to disregard particular social phenomena that structuralists construct a theory of the underlying social exchange system.  Structuralists also draw the boundary line between nature and culture at the moment when kinship systems are instituted, removing from consideration any idea of the "natural" and hence shifting focus away from thinking in terms of conflicts between nature and culture.  The id operates before the Oedipus complex, in part triggers the Oedipal drama, and survives after it as "the great reservoir of the libido" ("The Ego and the Id," SE 19:38).

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