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By Prabhakar S. Naidu and M.P. Mathew (Eds.)

While a few valuable details is hidden at the back of a mass of undesirable info we frequently inn to details processing utilized in its huge experience or particularly to sign processing while the priceless info is a waveform. In geophysical surveys, particularly in aeromagnetic and gravity surveys, from the measured box it's always tough to claim a lot approximately anybody particular aim until it's with reference to the outside and good remoted from the remaining.

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In the same manner the singularities for a fault may be found by examining the expression (Eq. 34). They are located at (0, h), (0, h + H), (0, h + Ah), and (0, h + Ah + H). The fictitious line sources at the points of singularity possess strength equal to +j(Gp/u2)sgn(u). The concept of singularity of a potential field has been widely discussed by several Russian scientists [11-14]. It is easy to extend the concept of singularity to any two-dimensional model with polygonal cross-section. In fact this approach was taken in Ref.

The prism is just below the surface. The observation plane is h units above the surface into free space. The potential field is computed directly in the frequency domain. 3. Uniform vertical prism As an example of a complex signal source let us consider a vertical prismatic body of uniform density or susceptibility variation. 8). 47) On substituting Eq. 47) in Eq. 48) The last integral in Eq. 48) can be evaluated by referring to tables of definite integrals( see, for example, Ref. [16, p. 49) s This expression is derived in Ref.

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