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By Wilf Hildebrandt

Wilf Hildebrandt conscientiously explores the that means of “the Spirit” within the previous testomony. He examines the position of God’s Spirit in production, within the institution and maintenance of God’s humans, in prophecy, and in Israel’s management. He unveils the crucial function that the Spirit performs in creatively bringing concerning the directives of God. during the Spirit, God brings order out of chaos, ushers the invisible into truth, makes a separation among the sacred and the profane, permits particular humans to satisfy specific wishes, and supersedes ordinary legislation. This paintings sheds gentle at the Spirit of God in either the previous testomony and the hot testomony.

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Jonah 1:4; Job 1:19). The word sa ar could have been employed to convey the turbulence of a storm or a raging tempest. As in the Targum noted above, a specific term for "blowing" could also have been employed. It is therefore evident that this interpretation was foreign to the author's intention. O. H. Stek argues that Genesis 1:2 presents the uninhabit­ able and unusable precreation situation of the earth, which is then made fit for humankind through the creative activity of God. He questions what purpose a "wind" from God going back and forth over the deep waters would have, and concludes that ruah ldhim in this context is pregnant with meaning and must be 15 16 c 17 18 oe 1 5 M.

With the growing disillusionment in the nation during the monarchy period, the prophets not only rebuke and exhort various kings but they begin to cast their hopes for an ideal ruler far into the future. When this ruler appears, the ruah yhwh will rest on him and provide him with the abilities required for the kind of leadership Yahweh intended from the beginning. Wis­ dom, understanding, counsel, power, knowledge, and the fear of the Lord will be on him (Isa 11:2). The ruah on the "servant" of the Lord will equip him to bring justice [mispat] to the nations (42:1).

The ruah in Relation to Humankind in the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings When ruah is used in relation to humankind, it is an anthro­ pological and psychological term. It is used in the majority of cases in this sense, with a great variety of meanings. These meanings may be categorized from simple physical breath to a range of psychological and emotional dispositions. One must carefully consider the particular context of a passage in order to determine the right connotation of the word. Moreover, a variety of biblical terms are used to present the anthropo­ logical nature and human existence in addition to the term ruah.

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