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Here are twenty-six dinosaurs as they've got by no means been noticeable ahead of. Dramatic work and engaging new info offer younger dinosaur enthusiasts with the newest proof approximately wide-spread dinosaurs corresponding to Maiasaura, Stegosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus rex, and introduces newly came across creatures similar to Quaesitosaurus, Riojasaurus, Xenotarsosaurus, and Zephyrosaurus. operating, scuffling with, leaping, slashing, nesting, and sleeping--these are the dinosaurs in all their glory.

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Clouds of dust would have circled the globe, causing temperatures to drop. Storms and wildfires would have swept around the world, causing darkness that would have lasted for months. Lower temperatures might have brought freezing weather that could have killed the dinosaurs. Most of the plants on Earth would have died without sunlight, and only their seeds would have survived. But other scientists believe that explosions of several large volcanoes could have caused the same kinds of conditions.

Q uaesitosaurus was related to the giant American plant eaters. Its cousins include Apatosaurus (you may know it as Brontosaurus) and Diplodocus. Scientists have been able to find only one Quaesitosaurus skull, but they have determined that the dinosaur was a large, long-necked plant eater. R iojasaurus walked on four legs, but its long neck made it easy for this dinosaur to eat leaves from high in the trees. At times it may have stood on its rear legs and tail to reach food. Riojasaurus (opposite, below) was a dinosaur with long, thick legs and a small head.

The part of it that was most complete was a fossil leg. It was four feet long with an odd pattern of ankle bones. They were fused together, unlike the ankles of most other dinosaurs. Xenotarsosaurus was a meat eater that walked on two legs, and was probably a swift runner. It may have been a distant cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex. Y angchuanosaurus was a two-legged hunter. Its large jaws held sawedged, daggerlike fangs for biting and holding its prey. Yangchuanosaurus had powerful legs with large toe claws, and a long, heavy tail that it held straight out for balance.

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