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If (2) is not open, (1) passes to (4) and a double stack is formed with (1) screening down for (2), and (3) looping around (5)'s downscreen. See Diagram 1-34. Diagram 1-34 Reverse Action Diagram 1-35 (4) may then pass to either wing and restart the mixer. These four offenses are examples of how the passing game can be improved by alternating, or combining it with other types of motion. This gives it the added depth needed to make it difficult to scout, plan for, and defend against. Zone Potential One of the basic passing game maneuvers is the quick cut.

The Mixer Plus the Post Pullout Motion The same keys that were used to differentiate between the mixer and the shuffle are used again for this offense. When the small inside players pop out of the stack, it calls for the mixer (see Diagram 1-11). The post pullout motion is keyed when the big players cut to the wings. See Diagram 1-12. Diagram 1-11 Mixer Diagram 1-12 Shuffle The Post Pullout Motion Basic Pattern The top stackers pop out, and (1) passes to (4), and screens away for (5) at the opposite wing position.

This tells the ballside post to set up high and the offside post to play the low post. Post-to-Point Variation (1) passes to (2) and slashes off (4) to the low post, and (4) screens away for (3). But this time, (3) cuts low and away from the screen. This keys (4) to pop to the point. See Diagram 4-14. (2) passes to (4) at the point and downscreens for (1), who cuts to the wing. (4)'s cut to the point often results in being open, so (4) should catch the ball in an all-purpose position. See Diagram 4-15.

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