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Substitute what you know into the equation. Then solve the equation for the variable you don’t know. Substitute what you know into the formula. Multiply 55 times 3. You would travel 165 miles. D = rt D = 55 · 3 D = 165 What if you wanted to know how long it would take to travel 300 miles if you were traveling at a speed of 60 mph? All you have to do is substitute what you know into the formula, and then solve for the variable you don’t know. 51 Team-LRN – USING FORMULAS TO SOLVE EQUATIONS – D = rt 300 = 60t 300 60t ᎏᎏ = ᎏᎏ 60 60 5=t Substitute what you know into the formula.

What Do You Do When You Have Variables on Both Sides of the Equation? To solve the equation, 2x + 5 = x – 3, you can start by using the techniques you already know. You know that you want to isolate the variable on a side by itself. You don’t want the 5 with the variable 2x. Get rid of the 5 by subtracting 5 from both sides of the equation. Example: 2x + 5 = x – 3 Subtract 5 from both sides of the equation. Simplify both sides of the equation. 2x + 5 – 5 = x – 3 – 5 2x = x – 8 You still don’t have the variable isolated because you have variables on both sides of the equation.

Be sure to include your signing bonus, and assume that you have a 40-hour work week and there are 4 weeks in this month. 50 + $2,500 x = $5,300 Practice Use algebra to solve the following problems. You want to practice writing equations to solve the problems. 41. You have been contracted to replace a countertop in a kitchen. You will get paid $1,000 to do the job. You can complete the job in three days working 8 hours a day. You will need to pay the cost of the materials, which is $525, with the $1,000 that you receive to do the job.

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