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By Gozo Shioda, Jacques Payet, Christopher Johnston, Kyoichi Inoue

Trans. Jacques Payet, Christopher Johnston

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In 2009 the situation had changed. The attitude of rural people in Tongzhou appears to have become closer to that of urban residents and most appear to have only one child. 1 Site 1—Tongxian county (Now Tongzhou District) Several reasons were given by those interviewed for changing attitudes. First, there were rising costs of education, and increasing social competition, which were thought to intensify the risks of success in raising children and finding them jobs. Second, more young couples of child-bearing age were making the choice to pursue their own development goals and a higher quality life and were placing a lower priority on raising a family.

The District is well placed geographically to take advantage of the rapidly developing industrial and service sector economic activity and is now well served by transport infrastructure linking it to the capital and to the hinterland in Herbei. Tongzhou has become one of the satellite towns of Beijing and has benefitted from being identified as a special development zone. Tongxian has been upgraded administratively to become Tongzhou. This signifies the transition of the district from being agriculturally based to being industrial and service sector focused, and peri-urban in character.

Twenty five years ago Xiji had jurisdiction over 36 villages. 8 times as much as in 1990. Development zones have been identified and new businesses have been attracted into the area, including some with multinational ownership. The agricultural economy has been reformed and is centred on the Grand Canal fruit production belt and Chaobai River vegetables production belt with newly developed greenhouse facilities and a developing riverside ecotourism and sightseeing area. Despite these and other developments Xiji itself has not changed very dramatically.

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