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Generally it is for one year only, with appropriate seasonal variation being shown, and is usually for England and Wales, with occasional mention of the United Kingdom (for eggs alone) and sometimes (mainly for horticultural output) for England only. g. ex-farm com prices, prices at selected markets for fatstock); though in all cases the prices are exclusive of any element of subsidy. However, the 'prices section' does include three tables giving a twelve year ron of price indices for the United Kingdom with monthly figures for the last year.

The components are uni ted in the concept of landlord's capital, which in turn is regarded as the recipient of 'rent' as a factor share. Hence the rental value of farm real estate is the first issue to be tackled in this section. e. as the total payment) or have deducted from it various other charges including maintenance costs, insurance and depreciation of fixed equipment. e. 39]. 64]. 2 Some care must be exercised in using the net rent estimate in long period analysis. 84], including a detailed analysis of the rent bill in the tenanted sector the convention defined above is consistently used.

Given the climatic conditions, it is the quality of the land which determines the range of crops which can be grown. 18 In spite of its continuing importance, it is interesting to note how the relevance of soil or land quality has changed over time. The earliest cultivation in Britain, as elsewhere, took place on the downlands since primitive implements could work only the light soils found there. With the introduction of stronger implements the inherently more fertile, but heavier, lowland soils could be tilled.

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