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By Richard Race, Vini Lander

This well timed assortment makes a speciality of family and overseas schooling examine on race and ethnicity. As co-conveners of the British schooling study institutions (BERA) unique schooling staff on Race and Ethnicity (2010-2013), Race and Lander are advocates for the merchandising of race and ethnicity inside of schooling. With its certain constitution and corporation of empirical fabric, this quantity collates contributions from worldwide experts and clean new voices to convey state-of-the-art study and findings to a multi-disciplinary marker together with schooling, sociology and political reviews. the purpose of this ebook is to advertise and suggest a number modern matters relating to race, ethnicity and inclusion when it comes to pedagogy, instructing and learning.

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It is this deployment of discursive performatives that I am concerned with here, which I discuss using the language from these CRT scholars of ‘identity performance’. Identity Performance and Race 25 Carbado and Gulati (2001, p. 701) are legal scholars, focusing on issues of discrimination in the workplace. They describe identity performance theory thus: In a nutshell, the theory of identity performance is that a person’s experiences with and vulnerability to discrimination are based not just on a status marker of difference (call this a person’s status identity) but also on the choices that person makes about how to present her difference (call this a person’s performance identity).

By relocating the analysis to an imaginary context, we can learn something about the real-life context in which the education system operates; a context in which racist outcomes are not a concern if they are not intentional. This can perhaps lead to more productive discussions about intentions and responsibility, and about the continuing presence of institutional racism within the education system. Using theories of ‘identity performance’ to explore discrimination in classrooms Concepts from CRT scholarship are also useful in the analysis of discrimination at the level of an individual classroom and, in particular, in thinking about the complexity of differential expectations in schools with different groups of minoritised pupils.

The author draws on her own research and the notion of resilience which needs to be applied to protect children from the risks associated with institutional racism within education, the major protective factor being support received within the home. In conclusion, Rhamie highlights how recent education policy is failing to meet the racial and ethnic needs and requirements of Black children. The social construction of Black boys in particular is highlighted and needs to be continually challenged for its implications for Black communities in schools.

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