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By Lars Valerian Ahlfors, Lipman Bers

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The onsite experience needs to be enriched in order to exploit the physical presence and the value of communities and places. There must be an added value in visiting and living in a campus. • The Internet must be the main support and enabling platform. For example, the concept of office hours does not make any sense anymore, as the tools provided by the Internet completely replace the necessity of having them. Nowadays, any professor can interact with students using tools such as e-mail or Skype, anytime and anywhere.

Org/stream/felsinapittricev01malv (1678) 14. : Gesetze des Sehens. : Laws of Seeing. MIT Press Cambridge (2006) 15. : Komposition Q XX, 1923, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn. cc/ (2014) 56 C. Leopold 16. : Geometry and line. The Vitruvian “Science” of architectural drawing. In: Daidalos 1, pp. 20–35 (1981) 17. : On the foundations of mathematics. Ms. 7, §1. (1903) 18. 92 (1902) 19. : Perspective refers to the viewer, axonometry refers to the object. In: Daidalos 1, pp. 81–95 (1981) 20. , Wilford, M. and Associates: Buildings & projects 1975–1992.

For training abstract spatial thinking with the help of various visual representations, we take in our geometry course for the freshmen students as a very first task: developing spatial ideas out of an image or a two-dimensional figure. In this Visual Representations for Spatial Thinking 41 Fig. 5 Experienced space (reproduced with permission from [9, p. 57]) way we abstract architectural composition on proportions, form and relationships between forms (Figs. 7 and 8). The 3-D compositions are represented in various media: physical model, sketch, assigned views and axonometries.

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