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Granularum (Gourlay, 1972a), a goat mycoplasma (Liss and Maniloff, 1971) and a variety of other mycoplasma species (Maniloff, 1972). Since they were not able to infect the mycoplasma species from which they were isolated, but only A . laidlawii, it seems probable that the cultures were contaminated with this strain. Nevertheless it seems highly likely that other mycoplasmas also harbour specific viruses. Morphological evidence of virus-like particles in sterol-requiring mycoplasmas (Home, 1972) and the finding of satellite DNA in M .

Whereas the KHS strain seems to be capable of forming cis-vaccenic acid by elongation of the appropriate hexadecenoic acid, A . laidlawii strain A could not elongate externally supplied fatty acids with a chain length of 16 carbon atoms, though it was capable of elongating dodecenoic and tetradecenoic acids (Panos and Rottem, 1970). Owing to the limited ability of A . , 196613;Henrikson and Panos, 1969;Rottem and Panos, 1969;McElhaney and Tourtellotte, 1969). As seen in Table 5 the exogenous fatty acid is incorporated in high amounts, reaching up to 80 mole percent of the total fatty acids.

Qottfried and S. Kahane, Z. Neā€™eman and S. Razin, unpublished data) seem to indicate that they are not. The NADH, oxidase of membranes from A . laidlawii may be a better candidate for purification than the ATPase since it is less sensitive to detergents. Resistant to brief exposure to sodium dodecyl sulphate, it could even be detected in reconstituted membranes from A . , 1965). The NADH, oxidase activity was eluted from a deoxycholate-containing Sephadex G-200 column in the first lipid-free protein peak (Fig.

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