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2 400 (f600) m. Adercotryma glomerata (Brady)-Bulimina Cibicides wuellerstorfi (Schwagar)-Cyclammina Cyclammina orbicularis Brady group. Astrorhixa crassatina Brady group. Bulimina rostrata group. Bandy and Echols present several useful tables giving bathymetric ranges for selected index species. They also showed that some Antarctic species occur in different depths from those known for the same species in other areas (heterobathyl species). For example Laticarinina pauperata (Parker and Jones) occurs in the deep cold waters of the Antarctic and in shallower warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

The first two decades of the twentieth century were to see a great flood of expeditions, many of them with biological programmes. One problem in writing a consecutive account of investigations into the Antarctic fauna arises from the fact that dates of publication of scientific results may bear little relation to the date of the expedition. The earlier expeditions did not amass very large collections and their biological reports running to a single volume or at most a very few volumes could be brought out quickly after the close of the expedition.

It is the abundance of these forms in comparatively shallow water that gives a unique character to the benthos of the Antarctic. Anyone who has sorted collections of Antarctic benthic animals either straight from the trawls, or from bulk preserved material in museum or laboratory on the other side of the world, will know the long, unbelievably sharp, glassy spicules which almost in themselves certify the collection as Antarctic. Koltun (1969) has presented eight distribution maps showing patterns for selected Antarctic and Subantarctic sponges (Fig.

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