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T . , Patel, M. and Puar, M. (1986). A novel napthaquinone antiobiotic Sch 38519 produced by a Thermomonospora. 26th Interscience Congress on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Abstract 908. Hirsch, C. F. and Christenson, D . L. (1983). Novel method for selective isolation of actinomycetes. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 46, 925-929. Hochlowski, J. E . , Swanson, S. , Whittern, D . N . , B u k o , A . N . and McAlpine, J. B. (1986). Tiacumicins, a novel series of 18-membered macrolide antibiotics.

Screening of new and novel /Mactam antibiotics. Japanese Journal of Antibiotics 30, Supplement S207-S217. A s a n o , K. and Kawamoto, I. (1986). Catellatospora, a new genus of the Actinomycetales. International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 361, 512-517. , Lacey, J. and Goodfellow, M. (1981). Selective isolation and enumeration of actinomycetes using rifampicin. Journal of Applied Bacteriology 5 1 , 289-297. Barton, M. D . and Hughes, K. L. (1981). Comparison of three techniques for isolation of Rhodococcus (Corynebacterium) equi from contaminated sources.

1981). In fact, new antibiotics have been found by interspecific recombination (Schlegel and Fleck, 1980). 3. Methodologies for Screening New Antibiotics Long-term and random screening of actinomycete isolates has revealed that antibiotic production is strain specific. It is, therefore, necessary to establish microbiological, biochemical and/or genetic rationales to identify specific actinomycetes with novel antibiotic productivity at the strain level, in order to enhance the probability of finding new antibiotics in current screening programmes.

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