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When you've got ever questioned if there's extra to faith than old rituals, then this booklet is for you. in case you have already come to the conclusion that Wicca is the faith for you, then this booklet might help fill in these many blanks which were left through different books. Making no try to dictate non secular dogma or regimen, the writer illustrates the various concerns a person's faith should still handle and exhibits how he has came across solutions to these concerns during the perform of a latest faith, which has, partly, been dependent on the various oldest rules of the traditional global. He examines the 4 levels of existence from this angle. o Maiden and grasp - beginning, Wiccaning, and Self-Dedication. o dad and mom - Initiation, Mating Customs, and being pregnant. o Crone and Sage - Grandchildren, Suicide, and demise. o heart floor - Reincarnation, Summerland, and Winterland.

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A baby who is not touched will certainly die. A person who feels truly alone will take his or her life. This too is mania. ’ Who can argue that the world’s greatest creators have not been touched with that mania? Who can argue that the world’s greatest destroyer’s have not been touched with that mania? So just what is this mania? The ancient Greeks used the word to personify madness, calling her the Goddess Mania. The ancient Romans also called her Mania but connected her to death. The Etruscans used the word mania as the name of the goddess of the Underworld.

I have created this story because the others just weren’t working for me. I looked at the creation stories of major world religions and found the same great gaping hole. I look at my own religion and there I find the same gaping hole again. For a time, I thought I could live with that problem. I thought I could just believe what I believe and find other people who believe much the same. But then I turned on my television set and realized that not only can I not live with the problem, neither can anyone else.

The principle is the core of Wiccan spellcraft—not that all the candles, incense, oils, and chants are themselves magick, but that human consciousness is magick, that human consciousness has the ability to manifest change outside of itself. Generally speaking, the props of spellcraft are there to stimulate the mind into a thought. This is why specific colors, scents, words, and other props are used in ritual—not because those colors, scents, words, and other props are magick in and of themselves, but because they stimulate the human mind.

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