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Migrant, Roma and Post-Colonial Youth in Education across Europe

This booklet compares the tutorial studies of young people from various 'visible' ethnic minority teams similar to Roma in significant Europe, post-colonial minorities in France and England, Turks and Arabs in Germany, and up to date immigrants in Scandinavia. targeting underprivileged city contexts, it unearths the structural inequalities and in addition the usually conflict-ridden inter-ethnic kinfolk which boost in study rooms, playgrounds and bigger groups.

Activités sensorielles et motrices : éducation, rééducation

Cet ouvrage présente une multitude d'activités psychomotrices pouvant être utilisées en éducation, en rééducation ou en thérapie auprès d'enfants et d'adolescents. Les diverses activités ludiques, sportives et expressives peuvent favoriser le développement body, intellectuel et social de l'enfant.

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It is even possible to discern the two poles between which the concept of functionality oscillated in the execution of the various projects: (a) a predominantly technical pole, in which the programme objectives are defined from above in most cases, by technico-scientific means. At the extremes, functional literacy would become purely instrumental were it to consider only the capacity of the workers to contribute to the realization of the objectives, neglecting everything which has to do with their professional, cultural or personal autonomy; (b) a predominantly social pole, in whicl* the operation relies on the participation of its members and aims at the deepest and most widespread stimulation of the milieu as possible.

It should also become possible, replacing the donor-beneficiary relationship with true partnership, to use multilateral aid to finance local fellowships and the salaries of national specialists, etc. In brief, emphasis should be placed on national 32 Unesco will and effort, but it will also be necessary to provide sufficiently agile and timely expressions of international solidarity, in whose expansion Unesco will have an essential role to play. IX. Conclusions 27. The pith of the world's experience in the struggle against illiteracy over the last 10 years may be summarized as follows: (a) Although the percentage of illiterates among adults in the world has fallen, their absolute numbers has continued to grow.

In this process, reading and writing constitute not an end in itself but a means - and a fundamentally important one - to the intellectualization, mental grasp and internalization of technical knowledge, the mastering of the thought-language relationship which can facilitate the transition from thinking in concrete terms, when explanations tend to be sought in magic, to thinking in abstract terms, when the mind is receptive to the scientific interpretation of phenomena. 10 8 9 J. P. Sartre. Practical Guide to Functional Literacy, Unesco, 1972.

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