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By Diana L. Eck

Why figuring out America's non secular panorama Is an important problem dealing with Us this day The Nineties observed the U.S. military fee its first Muslim chaplain and open its first mosque.There are almost immediately greater than 300 temples in la, domestic to the best number of Buddhists within the world.There are extra American Muslims than there are American Episcopalians, Jews, or Presbyterians.

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Religions are not like stones passed from hand to hand through the ages. They are dynamic movements, more like rivers—flowing, raging, creative, splitting, converging. The history of religions is unfolding before our eyes. Perhaps nowhere in the world is it more interesting to study the process of dynamic religious change in this new century than in America. Not only is America changing these religions, but these religions are also changing America. This too is an important question for ongoing study.

People from the four directions have joined us in this struggle. Today is a powerful demonstration of all people who seek freedom, who want the truth to be told, and want to see an end to the oppressive system brought to these shores by the pilgrims. There are those who feel threatened by us. There are those who would have us be good Indians, and act like a conquered people, and beg for the scraps from the Thanksgiving table. But we are not vanquished. We are not conquered. We are as strong as ever.

They came round the bend right out of the seventeenth century, looking just like the Pilgrims of the imagination, carrying Bibles and muskets, each representing one of those fifty-one people—from Governor William Bradford and Captain Myles Standish to thirteen-year-old Giles Hopkins and fourteenyear-old Elizabeth Tilley. They marched on up Leyden Street, and we fell in after them, trudging up Burial Hill to the site overlooking the sea where there had once been a meeting house. There Elder Brewster led a brief service that included the line chanting of a psalm from the Old Bay Psalter in the style it would have been sung three hundred eighty years ago.

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