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By Diana Cooper

Inspirational tales and affirmations display the sacred legislation that offer non secular enlightenment. those 36 fantastically awarded and inspiring legislation provide readers from all walks of lifestyles a course in the direction of happiness. Uplifting and available, the real tales offered expand an knowing of those religious legislation, which govern all existence. Vividly illustrated debts and metaphors express how prosperity, luck, and health and wellbeing could be achieved.

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If you are working with someone on a project and you both have the same vision, the project inevitably moves forward. However, if you are in conflict, the resistance will result in delays. That person is not in your life by chance. He or she is mirroring back to you your own doubts, fears or disquiet. Look within and decide what you truly want and what your vision really is. When you resolve your inner conflict, the other person must, under universal law, leave your life or change their attitude.

Your unconscious mind is also open when you are relaxed. When you are relaxing in the sunshine, it is a bad time to worry, for you may manifest your fears. It is an excellent time to picture what you want to create in your life. ‘Don’t’, ‘can’t’, ‘won’t’ or ‘not’ are words which invoke the Law of Resistance. The thought ‘I won’t ever find a perfect partner’ resists the perfect partner. ‘I don’t want to be poor’ brings you poverty. ‘I can’t live in that awful house’ keeps you living in that awful house.

Of course, her strong pictures and fears were inevitably drawing her mother-in-law in, while her anger was shutting the door on her. My neighbor was using her vital energy in resistance. Many people invoke the Law of Resistance without being aware of what they are doing. Your unconscious mind and the universal mind work exactly like computers. You cannot tell a computer not to bring up a certain file for it cannot accept negative instructions. It will assume you do want that file and bring it up.

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