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By Murray Grodner

Murray Grodner attracts on his distinct occupation as a double bass musician and instructor during this compendium of functionality philosophy, bowing and phraseology suggestions, tutorials on fingerings and scales, and routines for bowing and string crossing. Grodner addresses technical stumbling blocks in musical functionality, bargains suggestion on software and bow buy, and gives a close method of the basics of bass taking part in. This advisor is a useful source for any bassist trying to increase functionality practices.

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It is the same reflex motion as one uses when playing a figure of two consecutive sixteenths in an Allegro tempo. It is an interdependent double motion that feels like a single effort with a rebound. Thus the bowing effort is sixteenth to dotted-eighth not as written and inferred by the tie/ slur that dotted-eighth is hooked to the following sixteenth. Practice this stroke slowly and “artificially” by performing a triple dotted quarter note followed by a sixty-fourth note going to the next double triple-dotted quarter note, etc.

Too wide a bounce results in a brushier contact with string. Bouncing too high results in less ability for control of both sound production and metronomic accuracy. Proper thrust, height, and width of stroke will control the success of the spiccato. Use no more or less motion than required to achieve the thrust that provides a clean, resonant bite at the vortex of the spiccato. A good spiccato will sound clean and deep and have a round “ping” like a pizzicato. It is possible to lack control of the spiccato if either bounce is too high or low, of if the width of the stroke is too wide or narrow (the angle of thrust toward the string is too wide or too narrow).

Maintain symmetry of tonal qualities in all registers. Play using the smallest rest possible between strokes. 32 Perfecting Techniques through Employing Scales, Exercises, and Orchestral Excerpts Alternating Patterns (Daily include 13 or 14 plus 15, 16, and 17) Exercises 13–17 are based on similar bowings. They can be played either legato or marcato/staccato. This pattern should be played in both versions. At slow tempo, legato is a normal expectation although a marcato/staccato version can also be required.

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