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By Begmatov A. K.

The matter is taken into account of reconstructing a functionality in three-d area from its integrals over a relations of heterosexual traces which are turbines of cones, i.e., an inversion challenge for the ray rework with incomplete info. This challenge is hooked up with an auxiliary challenge of analytic continuation and is strongly ill-posed. A distinctiveness theorem and conditional balance estimates for an answer are got.

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The beginning of the sequence is signaled by a command such as BEGIN or BEGIN TRANSACTION. Its termination is signaled by a command such as END or COMM I T ~ o r , if it is necessary to abort the transaction, ABORT. A simple example of a transaction is that in which a bank customer requests the bank to transfer $1,000 from his checking account into his savings account. In the bank's computer program the first action is to check that there is at least $1,000 in the customer's checking account. If so, this amount is deducted from the balance in that account.

For this reason and others, the discipline needed for the successful sharing of important data should be embodied within the database management system. The relational model can be construed as a highly disciplined approach to database management. Adherence to this discipline by users is enforced by the DBMS provided that this system is based whole-heartedly on the relational model. As a normal mode of operation, if a user wishes to interpret the data in a database differently from the shared meaning, the DBMS should permit that user to extract a copy of the data from the database for this purpose (provided that the user is suitably authorized), and should disallow re-entry of that data into the database.

3 a T h e T r a n s a c t i o n Concept Brief reference was made to the concept of a transaction in the preceding discussion of the additional kinds of standards that are now needed. In the relational model, this concept has a precise definition. A transaction is a collection of activities involving changes to the database, all of which must be executed successfully if the changes are to be committed to the database, and none of which may be committed if any one or more of the activities fail. Normally, such a collection of activities is represented by a sequence of relational commands.

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