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As an grownup i needed to extend my vocabulary and this has been a superb ebook for that objective. i might definately reccomend.

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2. to rush carelessly or headlong. Watching the car in front of us careen down the road was very frightening. decimate ( des·˘·mayt) v. to destroy a large portion of. An extended period of neglect would eventually decimate much of the housing in the inner cities. deprecate ( dep·re˘·kayt) v. to express disapproval of; to belittle, depreciate. Grandpa’s tendency to deprecate the children’s friends was a frequent source of family strife. fetter ( fet·e˘r) v. 1. to shackle, put in chains. 2. to impede or restrict.

The stockbroker was led away in handcuffs, accused of trying to bilk senior citizens out of their investment dollars. castigate ( kas·t˘· ayt) v. to inflict a severe punishment on; to chastise severely. When she was caught stealing for the second time, Maya knew her mother would castigate her. chastise (chas· t¯z) v. to punish severely; to criticize harshly, rebuke. Charles knew that his wife would chastise him after he inadvertently told the room full of guests that she had just had a face-lift.

24. Loquacious means talkative; garrulous. 25. Ambivalent means having mixed or conflicting feelings about something; uncertain, irresolute. 27. Squalid means filthy, wretched; morally repulsive, sordid. 16 501 Vocabulary Questions 28. Ephemeral means lasting only a very short time; transient. 30. Irk means to annoy, irritate; vex. 31. Voracious means excessively greedy, having a great appetite for something, rapacious. 35. Inchoate means just begun, in an initial or early stage of development; nascent.

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