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In seconds, he guessed, they would be after the Razor again, firing on it until it reached the airport, but for now it was quiet in the vehicle. The quiet lasted all of six seconds舒then the ground started to shake and fire flashed outside the Razor舗s windows. 舡 Peter yelled. 舠Rockets. They舗re trying to get a lock on us,舡 Neal said, slamming down on the accelerator. 舡 Gabriel asked as the two Aryans in the gun turrets opened up, firing round after round into the sky. Chapter 5 Death Comes Ripping The airport was only two miles away, and Neal didn舗t let off the accelerator once on the drive there.

Gabriel asked as the demo team huddled together. 舠Already on my to-do list, kid. Now, listen up. What you舗re looking for out there are structural supports舒big beams, basically. They舗re going to mostly be around the outside of the building. 舡 Michael nodded. 舡 舠We can pretty much ignore that entire side of the building. 舡 舠We舗re here. Demo team, grab your weapons and ordinance and get moving,舡 Neal shouted as the Razor rolled to a stop. 40 Glock pistol, a Kevlar helmet and a backpack with C-4 charges and detonators.

Though he舗d just spent several hours in a makeshift jail, Nick looked more awake and in much better spirits than any of his comrades. 舠Oh, good. They didn舗t kill you or anything,舡 Gabriel said wearily. 舠No, they just let me go. Talked to the bigwig in charge of all us convicts. 舡 Christopher nudged open the door to 47 Echo舗s room with his boot and dropped down on the closest bed. He wearily lit a cigarette and took a drag. He didn舗t seem to have the energy to move the pack from where it fell against his chest.

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