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By Dave Frary

Professional advice and methods for development plastic, wooden, plaster, paper, and steel constructions. comprises roofing, portray, weathering, and detailing details.

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Pick up a brush load of Polly S paint from one of the jars and mix it with some of the wall color. Dab this onto the surface of a few bricks or stones, then evaluate the color. continue painting individual stones at random. Wash the brush in fresh water, then try another color. Paint some of the stones a lighter color by mixing Reefer White with the basic wall color. Continue until about half the wall has different-colored bricks or stones, then allow the paint to If it looks good, I like colors lighter than the prototype, mainly because there's a lot less light shining on my layout than there is on the real thing.

PAINTING PLASTIC CEDAR SHINGLE ROOFS Clean the plastic parts with alcohol to remove residues of silicone mold-release compounds. When dry, brush paint with Polly S mixed to a light mudbrown or airbrush with Floquil colors mixed to the same shade. Allow this base coat to dry overnight (a week, if you can stand it), then heavily dry-brush the shingle tips with Floquil Earth. Add washes of brown, black Years ago you could only obtain Testor's Dullcote in spray cans, which were hard to control. In fact, a lot of us used to decant Dullcote from the spray can into a bottle so we could spray it with a regular airbrush.

By selectively removing the upper color you allow the gray to show through, yielding the effect of failing paint with gray weathered wood where the paint has disappeared. 48 UNDERPAINTING WOOD SHEATHING Start by brushing individual siding boards with out-of-the-bottle Floquil colors, including every color you have that is even vaguely related to your finished color. For red this means rust, pink, caboose even purred, boxcar red, roof brown, Tuscan red, — Let these underneath colors set up for an hour or so before covering them with a thin coat of the desired color.

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