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This guide covers the refrigeration gear and platforms for purposes except human convenience. This publication comprises details on cooling, freezing, and storing nutrition; commercial functions of refrigeration; and occasional temperature refrigeration and has been up to date to incorporate forty seven Interactive Tables and 152 Digitized Graphs. essentially a reference for the training engineer, this quantity can also be helpful for somebody serious about the cooling and garage of nutrients items. The booklet is split into 9 separate sections:

  • Refrigeration procedure Practices
  • Food garage and kit
  • Food Refrigeration
  • Distribution of Chilled and Frozen nutrition
  • Industrial purposes
  • Low-Temperature functions
  • Refrigeration gear
  • Unitary Refrigeration apparatus
  • General

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Shortcycling results in excessive deposits of mineral and scale on the tubes, decreasing the life of the water pump. One method of controlling head pressure is using cycle fans and pumps. This minimizes water-side scaling. In colder climates, an indoor water sump with a remote spray pump(s) is required. The fan cycling sequence is as follows: Upon dropping head pressure • Stop fans. • If pressure continues to fall, stop pumps. Upon rising head pr essure • Start fans. • If pressure continues to rise, start pumps.

Compressor systems that can be equalized should be placed on foundations so that all oil equalizer tapping locations are exactly level. If crankcase floats (as in Figure 16) are not used, an oil equalization line should connect all crankcases to maintain uniform oil levels. The oil equalizer may be run level with the tapping, or, for convenient access to compressors, it may be run at the floor (Figure 17). It should never be run at a level higher than that of the tapping. For the oil equalizer line to work properly, equalize the crankcase pressures by installing a gas equalizer line above the oil level.

F. 1984. Selecting the size of pipes carrying hot gas to defrosted evaporators. International J ournal of Refrigeration 7(4):225-228. L. 1991. An improved method for calculating refrigerant line pressure drops. ASHRAE Transactions 97(1):194-203. D. 1977. Refrigerant line sizing. ASHRAE. CHAPTER 3 SYSTEM PRACTICES FOR AMMONIA AND CARBON DIOXIDE REFRIGERANTS AMMONIA................................................................................. 1 System Selection.........................................................................

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