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Will be needed, and where best to position them. He has also asked you to contact the Clerk of Works to the Council and obtain his permission for siting the huts. The tasks included listing the necessary facilities, consideration of the criteria for siting them, writing a letter to the Clerk of Works, and writing a report for the employer. The lecturer, Mr Wilkinson, led off with: What we're going to look at today is [the] question of site security and job organization. Really when we're talking about site security what we're talking about is storing materials on site, and this exercise is about what you'd need to do a job .

He wants maximum contact at minimum cost. The tendency of communications models of this kind is to reduce all communication to neutral techniques, ignoring both aesthetic and politicomoral issues, since considerations of power and access to media, and of the eventual value of the messages, are normally excluded from the analysis. The world is as it is: the student's task is to learn to operate efficiently in this world. Such a view of the world is not really neutral, since under the apparent 26 Preparing to Write in Further Education neutrality lie assumptions about what constitutes efficiency and about what is worth pursuing.

This English department certainly saw itself as being very different from the rest of the school. Their 'special identity' was partly related to their common frame of reference, or 'intersubjective meanings' (Taylor, 1971), one which was not shared by most of the other teachers. They rejected the rationalistic model of life which they saw in the school. Good English teaching, they believed, should work against such a model, and so they resisted the conception of English as a service subject for other parts of the curriculum.

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